An Imagined Illness

Mr. Harris had never

married, and he lived in a small house by himself. He was always very

careful about what he ate and drank and he never went out when the

weather was cold. He was always afraid that he was getting some terrible

disease, so he often went to see his doctor, and the doctor was getting

very tired of his patient's imagined illness, because he had more

important work to do.

Then one day Mr. Harris hurried into the doctor's office and told him he was sure he had a certain terrible disease which he had read about in the newspaper, lie showed the doctor the article. The doctor read it carefully and then said, «But, Mr. Harris, people don't know when they have this disease! There are no symptoms, and they feel very good.»

«Oh, oh my goodness!» said MrHarris. «I thought so. That's just how I feel!»

From Stories, Tales and Songs — укладач О.І.Близнюк


  1. Why did Mr. Harris often go to see his doctor?
  2. How did the doctor feel about this?
  3. What did Mr. Harris show the doctor one day?
  4. What did the doctor do with this?
  5. What did the doctor say to Mr. Harris?
  6. What did Mr. Harris answer?
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