Ancient Famous People

  • The Trojans saw the wooden horse, and decided to take it into Troy. Once it was inside the walls, the Greeks hidden inside the horse came out, opened the gates, and the Greek army captured Troy.
  • In September 490 ВС, an army from Athens and Plataea met the Persian army of Darius I on the Greek coast at Marathon, about 35 km from Athens. It seemed that nothing could stop Darius conquering Greece. However, the Greek army won a total victory, and the Persian army went home.
  • On 10 January 49 ВС, Julius Caesar crossed the River Rubicon on the border of Italy with his army. This led to civil war which Caesar won, and so became leader of the Roman state.
  • In 1469, Isabella of Castile married Ferdinand of Aragon. Their marriage combined the two kingdoms and created the kingdom of Spain, which soon became one of the most powerful countries in Europe.
  • In September 1066, Duke William of Normandy sailed with an army to England. He believed that he, and not Harold, was the rightful king. Harold marched to meet William but his army was tired after fighting a battle in the north against the Vikings. William won the battle that followed, and became king of England.
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