Appearance Matters

What does he look like?        

He is a handsome man.

She is lovely (lovely-looking).

She is beautiful.

She has the alluring smile.

She is decidedly pretty.

I have never seen a face- half so beautiful.

She is an attractive (a fetching) girl.

She is a nice-looking (comely) girl.

She had a fascinating(fetching) smile.

You are all smiles.

She is of fair complexion.

He has that order of nose which people call “snub.”

You bear your age well.

Time stands still with you.

Yes, he can carry his years and he is as young as he looks.

What's the matter with you? You don't look yourself.

What makes you look so wretched?

She contrasted him with her friend.

She has a likeness: to her sister.

There’s no family likeness at all between you and her. ‘

She is like her mother.

The child took after its mother in appearance and character.

Is that a beauty-spot or a mole (birth-mark) that you have on your cheek?

Her mouth was strong and vivid.

He was not fat, but he was exceedingly well-fed.

She had a queenly carriage.

I never met a fellow so strangely constituted.

He is six feet five inches tall. (He is six feet five.)

She was a pleasant-looking woman of about forty with soft brown hair and dark-brown eyes.

She is a beauty with the kindest eyes you have ever seen.

She had steel-coloured eyes.

She has rather dark brown hair and good grey eyes.

His eyes were lost in a maze of wrinkles.

Her eyes were large, brilliant and black.

She has what people call bulging eyes.