Arrival At The Hotel And Primary Hotel Service

by Marina Denega

Visitors or guests stay in a hotel whilst on the business trip, school trip, sightseeing holiday, a vacation or during a weekend visit to a foreign city or country which is not native to them. To spare your time you may want to do an online booking in advance via your electronic devices such as laptops, desktops or tablets. If you have trouble finding necessary information make a phone call. A concierge at the counter responds to phone calls of the prospective customers and manages the correspondence on the PC. Concierges are always pre occupied. A diligent concierge types on the keyboard with the lightning speed and communicates with patience and assertiveness.

Upon your arrival at the hotel you may need to go through the revolving door to get inside. It is also a common practice for the hotel to employ doormen to make the guests feel sophisticated and welcomed. You can ask a desk clerk for a guest room at the front desk if you didn’t book in advance. You can use an elevator to get to the upper levels. Bellhops will guide you to your room and carry your luggage. If a luggage load is heavy expect them to use luggage carts for assistance. Bellhops additionally describe the room's features, assist physically challenged guests, attend to questions, fulfill requests, deliver messages and errands, offer advice on local eating venues and attractions and obtain tickets to events. Bell captain coaches staff on their performance, trains new employees and apprentices as well asarranges schedules for the shifts.

If you need a space to leave your vehicle, most of the time, a parking area outside the hotel will provide you with exactly that. Usually is not mandatory or essential to pay for the parking on the hotel grounds, as this service is free of charge for the guests and doesn’t involve any fees. A parking attendant takes on responsibility for the parking area.


  1. What hotel jobs can you consider if you are communicative, sociable and have a pleasant appearance?
  2. You are making preparations to leave to the French resort town for the vacation? Book a guest-room for yourself and your family. You will travel by a family minivan and the friend of yours is physically challenged. Make a list of things you need to ask concierge about.
  3. You are a bell captain who has recently been put in charge of the group of new apprentices. Tell them about their responsibilities.
  4. Yesterday you arrived at the brand new luxury hotel. Think about things to put in your diary entry.
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