Arrivals And Departures

by Mariana Petrichenko

Emma is keen on travelling, that is why she never misses a chance to open up new horizons. No matter where she may travel, either abroad or around native corners, she plans thoroughly her future trip. Being a well experienced traveler Emma is always organized while preparing for any arrivals and departures.

Before travelling she always finds out basic information about the country she travels to in order to avoid awkward situations. As Emma masters some foreign languages, it's next to impossible to have any language problems. It is much more convenient to book a hotel and tickets via the Net, so Emma never asks travel agencies for help. Moreover, she thinks over the best way to get to her future location. Having booked a hotel she goes to the market to buy all necessary items.. Emma's valise is always light because she hates carrying heavy luggage. However it takes her the whole day to get it packed. Emma always takes some light meal before the flight. If she has greasy food, she might suffer from nausea. Finally, when everything is arranged, Emma checks her tickets, a passport, money, a credit card and she calls a taxi service. Emma takes a car in advance so as to avoid traffic jams. At the airport she passes check-in, passport control, customs, and exhausted but happy she finds herself on the board of the plane.

Having arrived Emma hurries to leave an airport. She takes the most comfortable means of transport, usually a taxi, tells the driver her destination and enjoys new foreign scenery from the taxi. At the hotel she checks in and chooses a room. At the end Emma unpacks her valise, takes a nap and starts exploring new places.

Follow-up questions:

1. Are you keen on travelling? When did you travel for the last time?

2. Do you plan thoroughly your future trips?

3. Do you consider yourself to be a well experienced traveler? – Why?

4. Do you read any usefulinformation about foreign places before travelling?

5. How much time does it take you to get your luggage packed?

6. Have you ever had any spontaneous trips?

7. Have you ever been in any awkward situations abroad?

8. Do you master any foreign language?

9. How do you solve the problem if you do not know the language, but you have to be understood?

10. Do you plan trips on your own or rely on travel agencies?

11. Do you book a hotel and tickets through travel agencies or via the Net? Why?

12. What are the most important things in your valise while travelling?

13. Have you ever left your passport/money/credit card at home? How did you do without them?

14. Do you suffer from any diseases when you're travelling?

15. Do you arrive at the airport/railway station etc. in advance?

16. What means of transport do you usually take to get to the hotel from the airport?

17. What is the first thing to be done when you have entered your room at the hotel?

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