At the Airport

  1. How are the cheapest airlines or carriers different from the most expensive ones?
  2. How can one book a flight?
  3. How does the most comfortable arrivals lounge look like?
  4. Why is it advisable to check in at least one hour before take-off?
  5. What is indicated in a passenger’s boarding pass? (gate number, seat number, class, departure hours, arrival hours, gate closing time, registration number, destination)?
  6. What should one mind while packing the luggage before checking it at the airport?
  7. When are passengers allowed to board the plane? What does announcement of boarding time let passengers do?
  8. When do travelers book a single or one-way / return ticket?
  9. How is the price of business class or first class tickets different from that of the economy class tickets?
  10. What part of an airplane are the business class seats located in?(towards the front of the plane)
  11. How much charter flight is cheaper than ordinary flight? (twice)
  12. What is the limited weight of the hand (carry-on) luggage, that you are allowed to take with you onto the plane? (8kg)
  13. What place is the hand (carry-on) luggage put? (overhead bin/compartment)
  14. What is the limited weight of the suitcase weight? (20 kg or less)
  15. What can be the money charge if your baggage is overweighed /oversized?
  16. What do passengers have to do if they have excess luggage.
  17. What can be the charge for excess baggage?
  18. What does a baggage handler do? (responsible for your luggage, after you check-in, and takes it to the plane)
  19. What does a moving conveyor belt (a carousel or baggage claim) serve for? (a conveyor system at an airport from which your bags and suitcases come out , from which arriving passengers collect their luggage).
  20. What are the formalities of going through the customs?
  21. What does a customs officer check?
  22. What items are illegal to bring through the customs? (firearms (guns), drugs or too much money, smuggled items ,etc)
  23. In which cases is customs declaration filled in?
  24. What might cause a flight delay? (bad weather, too much air traffic, or technical problems)
  25. How is the place where passengers wait before they get onto their plane called? (departure lounge)
  26. What should one do if they transport delicate or easily broken things? (to mark it with a sticker saying fragile)
  27. What official document for your personal identification are you required to carry with you?
  28. What are the regulations of carrying water on the plane? (passengers are not allowed to travel with more than 100ml of liquids. All liquids you do carry on the plane must be put in a plastic bag, each container must not exceed (go over) 100ml.)
  29. Would you rather have a long-haul flight or a flight with a stopover/a layover somewhere.
  30. What are the regulations of obtaining visa in your country?
  31. Why is it required to keep your bags out of the aisle? (so that nobody trips).
  32. How is the strip of land that an airplane takes-off and lands on called? (runway)
  33. What are the passengers asked to do before the plane takes off? (fasten their seat belts)
  34. Where is an aisle seat located, what and who is it for?
  35. When is the call light pressed?
  36. What personnel is a cockpit for? (captain and co-pilots)
  37. What is the emergency exit for?
  38. If complimentary coffee or tea is offered how much do you pay for it? (nothing)
  39. When do people suffer from jet-lag?
  40. What might cause an airplane to leave the course and to land unexpectedly.
  41. Where is a life vest, (life jacket) located? (under a seat)
  42. Where is a paper bag in case you experience motion sickness.(in front of you)
  43. What device goes over a person's face and provides air in case of cabin air pressure loss? (oxygen mask)
  44. What is served round the passengers on a plane? (refreshments/ meals)
  45. Who provides service for passengers during a flight? (steward (male), stewardess (female), flight attendant, air host)
  46. Why is a duty-free shop so popular with travelers?(you don't have to pay taxes on the goods you buy)
  47. What is the function of a control tower? (the building in an airport which tells planes when it is safe for them to take off and land)

Inspirational role-plays


Student A is a spendthrift and wants to book the most expensive flight abroad.

Student B is a penny - pincher and watches every penny.

Disagree with each other on every conceivable item of your travel abroad by plane.

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