At the Circus

by Marina Denega

Dear readers, recently, our editors have visited Circus du Soleil to compile the most up to date summary of their famed acts. So to begin with, a crowd of gymnasts in leotards and singlets appeared. They have been bouncing and leaping on each other shoulders, stacking a pyramid and tumbled and vaulted onto a trampolines and mats afterwards. 

Audience could give their applause and praise. A ringmaster then appeared on the circus arena in a vibrant tailcoat, a top hat and high boots. The collar and the buttonholes of his outfit have been rubercent red and his toecaps glared in the dazzling light of the central ring. He greeted the audience and made them feel welcome. After the opening, cyclists have demonstrated their skills. They performed thrilling and heart pounding loops a top of their bikes and then leaped onto the grit of the stage ring.

Next, a female artist with the straps appeared in the midair. Straps have been braided around her waist in a tight knot. She has been twirling inside a loop of a fabric rope. It has seemed to involve a lot of agility and courage. In the rear of her act spectators erupted in loud cheers. During the interval, clowns have been invited to cajole and entertain the overcrowded audience. Some of them have applied the white paint onto their faces and upper body alike the memes. A few were entertaining the delighted young viewers with magical tricks. There even have been some volunteers from the crowd.

Cirque du Soleil: "Kurios" (Vancouver)

Just as the adult viewers were getting a bit bored, the leading trapeze artist has climbed a tall ladder and mounted a narrow board. Then she has jumped up from the board onto a fly bar and has been elevated high above the solid ground. It caused an outbreak of nervous sighs from the audience even though an artist has performed with the safety harness. After some time, a girl left for the catcher who was swinging from another catch bar which, as you would guess, has required calculating the perfect timing

At the middle of the spectacle jugglers stole the show. They have been tossing and catching objects at lightning speed and seemed to be a children’s favorite. The spectacle has also involved contortion, stage combat, tamed animals, stilt walking and impalement acts, as well as puppetry and plate spinning. The signature circus act was demonstrated to end the show. Once again an artist has emerged at a dizzying height and everyone present witnessed her walking on a tightrope (slack wire) less than 2 dozens millimeters thick.

All of our editorial team would strongly recommend our readers to experience this well acknowledged and celebrated throughout a humankind history art. As the performers contribute a tremendous amount of their daily time to acquire and perfect challenging circus skills in a lengthy practice and seeing a circus arena full of overwhelmed viewers gives them a lot of satisfaction and pleasure!


  1. Compose an oral letter to the editorial team in which support or discredit their summary of the describe circus spectacle.
  2. You have been called up the stage as a volunteer during an impalement act. Describe your experience and emotions you witnessed.
  3. There has been a rapid discussion on animal taming in circus and the public opinion on this matter remains controversial. Present your own arguments on the problem.
  4. Compose a model version of a start of the performance announcement for circus viewers.
  5. Compare your experience of visiting circus as a toddler and your most recent visit.
  6. Imagine yourself to be a ringmaster. Compose a complex and suitable greeting speech.
  7. One of your leading trapeze artists was injured during a rehearsal. Make changes to the existing performance program.
  8. Your 5 year old sibling has asked you about the flying trapeze. Give a simple description of what does it involve.
  9. You have applied to the Circus skills academy. Describe to your close friend what is on the curriculum there.
  10. You are a well-known You–tuber in your target audience circles. Prepare a draft of your future Vlog about Circus de Soleil.

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