At the Travel Agency

by Yulia Hrytsyna

This world is an amazing place and to discover it we set on journeys. I am a travel agent, the person who arranges various tours. The work of a travel agent is to make travel arrangements for different clients. The clients may be individuals or organisations. I have to specialise in a particular type of travel tours. I work with some cruise lines; it means that I am engaged in promoting their cruise line and bringing more travellers to take up the tours.

The job of a travel agent involves advising the clients about various available options for travel and making all the arrangements, such as hotel accommodation, transportation, car rentals and sight-seeing.
My work is a link between the cruise lines, resorts and travellers. I have to provide the information about the weather of the destination and what all arrangements the travellers have to make on their own. The information on visa and other documents, exchange rates and rules and regulations is also to be provided by me.

A travel agent needs to be well organised and have a professional approach towards his/her job. Accuracy and love for the details is one of the traits to have. As you need to deal with new people everyday, you should be a master in inter personal communication skills. Sometimes it happens that people don't know what they want. You should find the tour that will satisfy them in everything, to the last detail. But remember you shouldn't be pushy, and persuade clients to choose either this or that tour.

I always ask people about the price at first. When you know the price you can find the appropriate variant quicker. All tours are divided into 3 categories: cheap, with medium price and expensive. If a person wants to spend several days at the seaside I can find a lot of excellent variants at medium price. The visit of some exotic county is more expensive, but it provides you with unforgettable feelings and emotions. And if a person has just couple of days for the rest, I can offer wonderful and cheap tours for a weekend.

I don't speak much with hotel receptionists and other stuff to make reservations, I do it online. I book tours, accommodations with the help of Internet, so it's very important to have the basic skills of using computer. It's not necessary to know all the details of reservation process; you will learn them in the course of work.

And, believe me, that it's great pleasure to make people happy, helping them to find the ways of spending their vacations with unforgettable experience.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Do you like to travel abroad or across your country?
  2. How often do you travel abroad?
  3. Where do you prefer to travel to the big cities, mountains or seaside?
  4. Do you like active or passive rest?
  5. Can you arrange your trip by yourself or only with the help of a travel agent?
  6. Have you ever travelled with the help of the travel agency?
  7. What are the pros and cons of arranging tour at the travel agency?
  8. Is it necessary to know the destination or you can choose it at the agency?
  9. Do you have some negative experience of booking a package tour at the travel agency?
  10. Would you like to work like a travel agent?
  11. What are advantages and disadvantages of this work?
  12. Give the examples of tours, mentioned in the text.
  13. Describe the main responsibilities of a travel agent.

Tense focused questions

  1. Are you always ready to take a journey?
  2. Are you good at planning the journey?
  3. Are you very choosy, when it's time to pick up the tour?
  4. Do you know what are the travel agent's responsibilities?
  5. Do you always go to the travel agent, when you plan your vacation?
  6. Do you know what is the best travel agency in your town?
  7. Have you ever booked the late minute package tour?
  8. Have you ever quarrelled in the travel agency?(With your relatives, friends or a travel agent)
  9. Have you ever been unsatisfied with the work of a travel agent?
  10. Have you ever chosen the tour in 5 minutes?
  11. Have you ever refused to take a tour at the last moment?
  12. Are you going to plan your vacation in summer by yourself or to do it in the travel agency?
  13. Will you take the tour that you've already had, if the travel agency gives you a discount?

Descriptive ideas

  1. What is agood/ bad travel agent like for you?
  2. What are the most expensive/ the cheapest directions for travelling?
  3. What are the obligatory documents you should have to book the tour?

Role plays

Imagine that you are at the travel agency. One of you is a travel agent and the other is choosing the tour for his/her parents. The parents want to see both the sea and the mountains, try to find such a tour.

Imagine that you with your partner are the travel agents. You will have a vacation soon. Discuss with your colleagues what tour is good and what is not worth taking.

Controversial ideas

  1. Travel agencies with the expensive tours are the guarantee of the qualitative rest.
  2. Travel agents are good psychologists.They know how to persuade you to take more expensive tour than you've planned.
  3. The work of a travel agent is a dream. You don't have any responsibilities only sit all day in the office, speak with clients, if they are, and in addition have a discount for each tour.
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