At The Zoo: Present Simple and Present Continuous

Level: A1

Find the sentences in Present Continuous and rewrite them in Present Simple.

Children are at the zoo.

There is a lion in the zoo. The lion is roaring. The lion is hungry. The lion is eating.

There is an an elephant. The elephant is standing in the middle. The elephant has a long trunk. The elephant is drinking water. 

There is a gorilla in the zoo. The gorilla is eating a banana. The gorilla is sitting on the grass.

There is a bear in the zoo. The bear is hot. The bear is lying in the huge basin with water.

There is a giraffe in the zoo. The giraffe is very high. It has a very long neck. It has a lot of spots on its body. The giraffe is eating the leaves from the tree.

There is a zebra in the zoo. The zebra has stripes on its body. The zebra is staying in the shadow.

There is a camel in the zoo. The camel has two humps. The camel is spitting.

All the animals are cute.

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