Autumn Reading

Level: A1

Autumn comes in September.

There are three autumn months: September, October and November.

The days are shorter and the nights are longer.

In September and October it is warm.

In November it is cold.

The new school year begins in September.

You meet your school - friends again.

Autumn is the harvest time.

There are a lot of vegetables, berries and fruit in autumn.

My favorite vegetables are tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers.

My favorite fruits are apples, plums and pears.

In October the trees are colorful.

The leaves are yellow, brown, red and orange.

The leaves fall down and make the soft colorful carpet.

Autumn brings rains.

The sky is cloudy.

The sky is grey.

It is windy and cold.

The trees are bare.

The birds leave their houses and fly south.

The wind blows.

Nature falls asleep.

Winter is coming soon.

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