Autumn Storm

Selma and David were allowed to camp in the garden last time this year. It was already mid-October, but the weather was pleasant. In the evenings they lay with their heads outside and looked at the stars. But this time David saw no stars. "The sky is overcast," Selma said. "Maybe it will rain later." "As long as it rains, we can safely camp." David and Selma closed the tent and lay down in their sleeping bags.

The wind became stronger. The leaves were blowing in the trees. "It will not be bad," the children thought. But the wind became stronger and the first raindrops fell on the tent roof. Shortly thereafter, the sky was lit up. "What was that?" asked David. "A flash!", answered his sister. "Let's go inside!" She opened the tent door and there was already her mother. "The first autumn storm has reached us. Come in quickly, kids, tomorrow we'll take the tent down. "Only the next summer, the two could camp again.

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