Baby Sister

The little girl is sitting on the windowsill. She is looking out of the window. She is waiting for her parents. She knows that her mum and dad have to come with a small baby sister. She is very happy but nervous. She is thinking about her younger sister.

‘What does my sister look like? What is she like?’ things the girl. ‘Can I play with her? Can she play with me? What games can we play together?’ She has a lot of questions in her head.

‘Dad says that my sister is very small. But I am small too. He says that she can’t speak. But I also can’t speak very well,’ thinks the girl. ‘I can give her all my toys. We can play and have fun together. I am not alone now. Hooray!’

‘Wow! I can see them. Here is my mum. Here is my dad. Look! Mum is holding something in her hands. Dad is holding a bag. But…Where is a baby? Where is my sister? I can’t understand,’ says she worriedly. ‘Where is she hiding?’

The parents are opening the front door and see her crying daughter.

‘Why are you crying?’ asks dad.

‘I feel angry. My sister doesn’t want to play with me. She is hiding in your bag, dad,’ cries daughter.

Mother puts a small white packet on the bed. ‘Don’t cry. She is not hiding,’ says mum smilingly. ‘Look! She is sleeping.’

Guess these riddles

a) It is a part of the window.

b) When parents have got a girl, she is their _______

c) When two girls are in the family, they are _______

d) When a woman and a man have got a baby, they are _______

e) It is a thing for carrying something inside it.

Find the mistakes and correct them

a) What do she look like?

b) She are thinking about her sister.

c) She haves a lot of questions in her head.

d) Where am a baby?

e) Why is you crying?

f) The parents is opening the front door.

g) My sister don’t want to play with me.

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