Birthdays: Ways of Celebrating

by Inna Kovtutska

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A birthday is a special day for a person. It is a favourite children’s holiday. It’s an unusual day for adults. On this day we are in the centre of attention. We get wishes and presents. It doesn’t matter that this day we get older, because we are happy.

It is a personal holiday, but people like to be with their friends and their family on this day. That’s why they throw birthday parties. They invite friends and relatives. They go to the luxury restaurant or just on a picnic.

There are some types of parties: home or restaurant dinner, picnic, surprise and theme parties (pyjama party, Barbie, baseball, carnival, beach, pirate, Harry Potter parties and so on).

When your friends and relatives arrange a party secretly from you it is a surprise party. It’s good for older people. As kids always count down the days to their birthdays and they should see all the preparations to feel happy and loved.

A great idea for a small girl is a pyjama party. Of course, you need special theme things for such a party: invitations, decorations, costumes and food.

Let’s think about invitations. Hand delivered mail is quite uncommon, but if the invitees are neighbourhood friends, this is a fun way to invite them: a balloon filled with confetti and a rolled-up invitation inside. They’ll have to pop the balloon to read the invitation that’s the fun!

Decorations are very important to make positive atmosphere. Blow balloons, make coloured paper lanterns or tissue-paper pom poms, use a range of different fabrics or sheets to create cool sleep zone tents.

Costumes are very easy, just pyjamas. If you wish you can choose one colour for your party, but it’s great in different colours.

Food is quite simple too: pizza, sandwiches, cookies and sweets, apples and bananas, juice or hot chocolate. At a birthday party there is always a cake with candles. If you do not know how old the person is, count the candles or read the number.

Birthday party depends on your likes and wishes.


  1. What’s your favourite holiday? Why?
  2. When is your birthday? What is the best/worst present you have gotten?
  3. Do you like to give or get presents?
  4. What is an ideal way of celebrating your birthday? Would you like to have a surprise party? Have you ever prepared surprise party for your friend?
  5. How did you celebrate the last birthday? Where did you go? What did you do? What presents did you get?
  6. Do you like to give presents? What gifts do you usually give your friends/ parents?
  7. Make up your wish list for your next birthday.
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