​Bright Idea

Dan’s dad is a carpenter. He makes different wooden things in his garage.

Dan likes to watch, how his dad creates windows, doors, shelves, tables and other useful wooden things.

Dan has an incredible idea. He wants to use dad’s hammer and hobnails, but his dad doesn’t give him any tools. Why? He is only five years old!

Today is Sunday. It is the best day for Dan. Every Sunday his dad drives away to buy wood. Dan is alone at home. He goes to the garage and finds the hammer and hobnails.

‘Wow! How many hobnails! They are very big and long,’ says Dan. ‘What can I do? Let me think! I have got an idea,’ thinks Dan.

He takes the hammer and a kilo of hobnails and goes to the garden. He starts to look for something wooden.

‘What about trees?’ he thinks. ‘No, it isn’t a good idea. It isn’t good for trees and dad can see them. Where can I use all these hobnails? Where can’t my dad see them? 

What about ground? I don’t damage trees and dad can’t see the hobnails in the ground. Wow! It is a good idea!’ A hundred of hobnail in the ground!     

I. Guess these riddles

1. A person who works with wood.

2. It is a kind of tool. It has a heavy metal head and a wooden handle.

3. They are short or long. They have got a metal head and a metal leg.

4. It is a wooden thing for sitting at.

5. It is a wooden thing for sitting on.

6. It is a place where Dan’s dad works.

7. It is a place with a lot of trees and flowers.

II. Write this story, put down the words from the story in gaps

The c__________ works with w__________. He creates w__________, t__________, ch__________, d__________ and sh__________. 

He uses different t__________. He uses h__________ and h__________.

Sometimes he drives away to buy w__________.

German Version

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