Bringing the Real Milk to the Townsfolk

by Mike Barrington (adapted)

This is Chris. He is 55 years old. He is married. His wife's name is Pauline. They are farmers. They work in Whangarei. They have a lot of cows on their farm. They milk the cows and sell the milk. They do not milk the cows by hand. They milk the cows mechanically. They sell milk in bottles. They do not pasteurise milk, they sell "real" milk. They sell 1000 bottles a week. The one-litre bottles cost $3.50 and the two-litre bottles are $5.50.

Chris and Pauline have three daughters Christie, 25, Jessica, 23, and Casey, 18. They help fill the glass bottles. Buyers love milk in bottles. It tastes natural. Buyers return empty bottles for reuse.

People never get a tummy ache, because they filter milk and keep the place clean.

They deliver bottle of milk twice a week to people's houses. People are happy to drink "real" fresh milk and have cereals with it.
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