by Larissa Katiukha

Max enjoys going camping. He finds it adventurous. He goes camping at least twice a year. He usually goes camping with friends. They camp on the bank of a river, or lake, in the mountains or in the forest. When he goes camping he usually prepares beforehand. He checks if everything what he needs is available and in good condition. He takes a tent, tent stakes, a sleeping bag, sit pads and sleeping pads and a portable stove. He takes a waterproof cloak, gloves and boots. Besides he takes some waterproof sacks to put stuff in.He needs some tools such as an axe and a fishing rod. He takes a flashlight, a pot, a water container, a rope, matches, and an alarm clock. For cooking he packs aluminum foil, knives and spoons, drinking cups some disposable dishes, paper towels and garbage bags. Max also packs first aid kit (antiseptic, aid-band, bandage and some pills) and wet wipes, napkins, shampoo, razors, and other hygienic products. There may be mosquitoes in the camp, so he packs an insect repellent. Max likes photography so he takes his camera and the charging device. He needs a cellphone in case of emergency. The most necessary thing is to take supplies, such as cereal, potatoes, pasta, some cans of fish and vegetables. He also takes some sandwiches and snacks.

In the camp he and his friends have a fantastic time. They set up tents, collect wood, make a fire, and cook for themselves. They go fishing, swimming and canoeing.They sunbathe when it is sunny and hot. They socialise and tell anecdotes; they crack jokes and fool around. Although rain, cool temperatures and mosquitoes can spoil their mood, they teach them to be enduring and adaptive.

Follow-up questions:

  1. What things are necessary on a camping trip?
  2. What things can a person do without?
  3. What things do you take for cooking?
  4. What tools do you need?
  5. Why does a person need a first-aid kit?
  6. Do you ever go camping?
  7. Why do you like it/ don't like it?
  8. Do any of your relatives or friends go camping?
  9. Do you go fishing or canoeing while camping?
  10. What is your favourite activity in the camp?
  11. Who do you like to go camping with?
  12. Do you sing songs or play the guitar?
  13. Do you play any sports games?
  14. Do you watch the nature closely and take pictures?
  15. Does it bother you that there is no shower?
  16. Does it scare you to sleep in pitch-dark?
  17. Do the night rustling and creepy noises scare you?
  18. Do you easily get irritated by the bugs?
  19. Do you like cooking and eating camp food?
  20. Does it go well with you?
  21. How much time can you spend in the camp?
  22. What holidays do you prefer to camping?
  23. How can camping be adventurous?
  24. How can it be boring?
  25. How can it be amazing?

Tense focused questions

  1. Are you fond of camping?
  2. Are you an experienced camper?
  3. Are you good at planning a camping holiday?
  4. Are you good at arranging camping?
  5. Is camping interesting or boring?
  6. Is camping adventurous?
  7. Is camping hard?
  8. Does camping appeal to you?
  9. Does it attract any of your friends? Why?
  10. Do you ever go camping?
  11. How often do you go camping?
  12. What do you take with?
  13. What cannot you go without in a camp?
  14. What can you do without?
  15. What can you do in a camp?
  16. Do you take any tools/ waterproof clothes/ appliances/supplies?
  17. Do you pack a first-aid kit?
  18. Do you take a camera?
  19. Do you pack a lot of clothes?
  20. How do you know how much food you need?
  21. How do you cook?
  22. How do you wash the dishes?
  23. How do you wash the clothes?
  24. How do you spend your time?
  25. How do you amuse yourself?
  26. Why do you go camping?
  27. Do you know somebody who goes camping?
  28. Why do people like camping?
  29. Have you ever gone camping?
  30. Have you ever packed things for camping?
  31. Have you ever forgotten to take anything?
  32. Have you ever cooked in a camp?
  33. Have you ever made a fire in a camp?
  34. Have you ever bought anything for camping?
  35. Have you ever played sport in a camp?
  36. Have you ever wanted to go camping?

Descriptive ideas

What is a good camping trip like?

What is a bad camping trip like?

What is a convenient tent like?

What is an inconvenient tent like?


Suggesting and persuasion.

Imagine that a few people are in the camp and they are discussing what to cook for lunch. Give your suggestions, agree or disagree to them. Finally agree on what to cook.


Imagine that two people have different opinions on camping and what to take on a camping trip. One wants to take some gadgets and have more conveniences, while the other wants to leave civilised world behind and escape for a while from it. Each gives their arguments.

Controversial ideas

Camping is a cheap holiday.

People had better leave modern gadgets home when you go camping.

Camping is a good holiday for young people, men and children. For women with children it is much less fun.

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