​Can You Make Your Bed?

Joe had a vacation, so he decided to go to the seashore for a few days. He got on a train one morning, and an hour later he was in a small town by the sea. A few minutes after he left the station, he saw a small hotel and went in. He asked the owner how much it would cost for one night there.

«Fifteen dollars,» the owner answered.

«That's more than I can really afford to pay,» Joe said sadly.

«All right,» the owner answered. «If you make your bed yourself, you сan have the room for ten dollars.»

Joe was very happy because he always made his own bed at home. «Okey,» he said, «I'll do that.»

The owner went into a room at the back, opened a closet, took some things out and came back to Joe.

«Here you are,» he said, and gave him a hammer and some nails.


  1. How much did the owner of the small hotel want Joe to pay for one night there?
  2. What did Joe say about this?
  3. What did the owner of the small hotel say then?
  4. Why was Joe happy about this?
  5. What did the owner take out of a closet?
  6. What did he want Joe to do?
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