Christmas Cards

What do you know about Christmas cards? Do you know that only 15% of cards are bought by men! The most expensive card was sold at auction for $35,800.

It was one of the most important days in the Christmas history. Sir Henry Cole made the first Christmas cards in 1769! He sold them for 1 shilling each.

It was beautiful composition of Christmas celebration. You can see that there were three parts of the picture. On the sides rich people help and give donation to the poor. In the centre was a family having a rich Christmas dinner! You must understand that in 1769 were other traditions and habits. (It was normal to see children who drink wine.)

Today Christmas cards are very workable business. Only Americans purchase approximately 6, 5 billion greeting cards each year. Christmas card costs between $2 and $4, but handmade cards or big cards cost $10 and even more. 

You can find Christmas card and it will be perfect for you because you can choose different format: flat, folded, Tre-fold, gate fold, ornament; diverse paper type: signature cardstock, photo paper, pearl shimmer cardstock; various sentiment: Marry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and many other details. Colourful picture is a face of the Christmas card. All the Christmas symbols are there: Santa Claus, Jesus, shepherds, angels, bells, gifts and candy, Christmas tree, holly, wreaths, Mistletoe, deer, snowman and others. But don’t forget that Christmas card it’s not a beautiful picture only, it’s your message to your friend or relative with the best wishes.


  1. What type of people can you see in the first Christmas card? How can you describe the Christmas celebration in 1769? What do you think about child with glass of wine?
  2. Have you got a pen friend?Did you send him Christmas cards last Christmas? What picture was in this card and what wishes did you send for your friend?
  3. Imagine that you have made a Christmas card by yourself. What size, format, paper type, colour, and sentiments you chose?
  4. We have already seen the Christmas cards evolution. Describe Christmas card in the future.
  5. Look in the pictures of the Christmas cards. Describe one of them.
  6. Make up a list of questions to be asked the philokartist about the Christmas cards today and in the past.
  7. What would be depicted in the Christmas card handmade by you?

by Xenia Malienko

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