City Life

Level: B1

Everybody needs a roof over their heads.

Students live in the dorm. Young couples rent an apartment. The people who want to move together need an apartment. The big families need a big apartment. Some people buy the apartments, others are looking for something to rent. When looking for a place to live, people consider a few factors: the location, the size, the prices, whether the apartment is cozy or bright, whether the apartment has a balcony or all the other conveniences.

Some people prefer life in a city. Living in the city is easier. Living in a residential house is more comfortable than living in the countryside. There is not so much dirt and dust. You do not have to clean up so much. You do not have to work in the garden. There is a lot of entertainment: cinemas, theaters, cafes, restaurants and exhibitions. There are also sports centers where you can exercise: the fitness centers, the indoor swimming pool. You have good transport links to work and school. There are better job opportunities in the city.

But there are also the disadvantages. Some of us live on the tenth floor and if the elevator is broken, we have to walk. The constant stress, noise and traffic make many people in the city sick. In the city you have little contact with the people, you feel lonely and alienated.

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