Clauses of Time And Condition

After the links of time and condition no Future is used. Present tenses are used in the present context.

Conjunctions Example

as soon as

As soon as the laundry comes, I will have clean towels.

as long as (=if)

I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me.


Cross the street after the lights turn green.


Do not cross the street before the lights turn green.

by the time

He will have cooked delicious meals by the time you come.

the time

The time she goes to school, she will have to behave better.

by the moment

He will have sorted out all the mushrooms by the moment you come.

the moment

The moment you look at yourself in the mirror you will see what I mean.

if (only if/if only)

You will get better soon, if you take pills regularly.


I'm leaving unless I get a pay rise


I will stay in bed till you make a cup of coffee.

I shan’t buy tomatoes until the price comes down.

in case

In case it gets cold, I will take a sweater with me.


She will be upset when she hears it.


While we are doing nothing, let us dance.


Once you see him, you will never forget him.


I'm forever on a diet, since I put on weight easily...

on condition

We will make a profit on condition the goods are procured in time.


Suppose we get together for a little chat sometime soon, what shall we talk about?

imagine/+ V-ing/ed

Imagine you're lying on a beach, listening to the steady rhythm of waves lapping the shore...


Let us assume those clubs actually win something. Then players will receive large bonuses...


I presume you're here on business…


We have the team which can win the league, providing we avoid bad injuries.

wh+ever (whoever,whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, however)

I will lend you my e-book whenever you want it.

in the event that

He plans to start a business, in the event that he loses his job.

in the circumstances that

He will have to leave abroad in the circumstances that his accusation is not denied.

should (=if suddenly)

If you should have any questions, contact your local dealer.

More examples of time and condition clauses in present context use

I shall not ask you to come unless you like; but tell me why you do not like to go, that is all I ask.

When you are married, we shall not see each other.

This is one of the reasons why building a relationship with your photographer as soon as the contract is signed, and all the details have been finalised is important.

The child will not go for a walk till his parents come.

You suit the advertising or public relations’ industry if the possibilities creating something better interest you.

Mother to a child: “If you do not misbehave, my hair will not turn grey”

“Wait until I come.

When winter begins we shall install triple glaze windows.

We will not touch anything, till the police arrive.

Do not putthe blame on anyone before you are absolutely sure.

When a man is tired of life on his 21st birthday it indicates that he is rather tired of something in himself. - F Scott Fitzgerald.

Before you marry keep both eyes open; after marriage keep one eye shut.

If you can't bite, better not show your teeth.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.-- Chinese Proverb

If you kick a stone in anger you will hurt your foot. - Korean Proverb

As soon as you hold to a strict eating regimen, you will feel better.

"Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.” - Alfred Einstein

We shall hold you responsible for it unless you can prove your innocence.”

You will make the taste more interesting if you add more spices and salt.

After you obtain a passport and visa you will have to book a flight.

Once you leave the USA, electrical outlets will no longer resemble the face of those at home.

If you are careful with your belongings, they serve for a long time.

Each time you swipe your card or pull cash from an ATM the charged money racks up.

As a paid professional oversea teacher, you will be able to support yourself financially while you explore the world.

More practice with dual grammar choice

1. As long as dinner looks/is looking decadent, its actual taste is pretty irrelevant.

2. You can eat nutritious morning meals while you will drive, walk or sprint/ are driving, walking or sprinting out the door.

3. If you want/would want to become a role model for your children, enjoy the process of being around.

4. The more preserved and shelf-friendly an item in the supermarket will be/is, the more likely it is high in sodium, fat and sugar.

5. You will never be able to prepare for your final test in a couple of days, unless you will have/have a photographic memory.

6. Manuscripts cannot be returned unless they are accompanied/will be accompanied by a self-addressed envelope.

7. Are there any instructions about what to do in case there is/will be fire?

8. You never know what you can achieve until you tried/try.

9. As soon as I am paid/will pay, I will blow all the money. 10. I will not move anywhere till I will get/get a work permit.

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