Cleft sentences with preparatory It




It + to be + proper noun(s) that (= more preferable)/who:

It was Peter who/that lent us money. (not Paul).

It is pilots that/ who we need not ground staff.


With all other objects/ adverbs/+ that :

It is today that he is going.

It was not wine that we ordered.

It is speed that causes accidents, not bad roads.

I love going there in summer, but it is in winter, that it is at its best.

It was learning to speak French that he found most enjoyable at school.

It was from theatre that I heard the news.

It was in London that he met his wife first.

It was because you are clever, that I married you.

It was not until Tuesday that they finally delivered the equipment.

It was while I was in hospital that they proposed me.


Formal: It + to be + personal nominative pronoun+ who + am/is/are/was/ were, etc.:

It was I who am responsible.

It is you who are in the wrong.

It is they who are to be asked.


Informal: It + to be + personal objective pronoun + that + is/ was, etc:

It was me that is responsible.

It is you that is in the wrong.

It is they that is to be asked.

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