​Clothing Swap (Level A1-A2)

Do you have a lot of clothes? 

Do you wear all clothes? If you do not like some clothes or do not wear them, swap them. Come to Clothing Swap. This is a clothing party. You can bring some clothes and accessories to the party. You can swap clothes with your friends. 

What can I get at the Clothing Swap? My gray costume is not very old. But I do not like the color. I want to swap it for a jacket and a skirt. I have also got a yellow dress. The dress is too big for me. I like my friend’s blue dress. I can swap my yellow dress for her blue dress. I have two jumpers. They are both green. I want to swap one green jumper for a white jumper. I have a white blouse. The blouse is elegant. But I do not wear it. I can swap it for a casual blouse. But you can not swap underwear there. For example, you can not swap tights, panties, knickers, bras, slips, socks, nightgowns and stockings.

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