Coca Cola

Level: A1/A2

Activity: Reading 

Grammar: Present Simple

1886 is the year of Coca Cola's start. The inventor’s name is Dr. John Smith Pemberton. Coca Cola is the large company in the world. People Love the drink a lot. 

Everyone knows what Coca Cola is. The formula of Coca Cola is a secret. We don’t know what is in Coca Cola. We know that there is water in Coca Cola. You can’t make drinks without water. So, Coca Cola has a lot of water in it. This makes a problem in poor countries that have no much clean water. It takes a lot of water for one bottle of Coca Cola. So, poor people do not have enough water, they don’t have enough water for their plants and animals. Without water they can die.

Can Coca Cola kill you? If you drink too much. Many people drink Coca Cola several times a day. It is risky for their health.

Coca Cola’s drinks have a lot of sugar. Sugar is very bad for health. Sugary drinks can lead to obesity. 

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