Conversational Questions. Autumn.

  1. What are the four seasons?
  2. What is the first day of autumn?
  3. What is the last day of autumn?
  4. How many autumns have you experienced?
  5. Describe the autumn season to your conversation partner.
  6. Describe the Indian summer season to your conversation partner.
  7. What is your favorite season? Why is it your favorite?
  8. What do you think of when you think of the fall season?
  9. What are the weather, activities, or eventslike in autumn?
  10. What are the sights, smells, or sounds like in autumn?
  11. What yard work do people do in autumn?
  12. What is a harvest? Do city people harvest in autumn?
  13. In what ways does the weather change from summer to autumn?
  14. How does the weather change affect our lives?
  15. What emotions does going back to school in children arouse?
  16. What are the back-to-school sales like?
  17. What is advertised for back-to-school-sales?
  18. Do you go shopping for school supplies?
  19. How do families with students adjust to a new schedule in autumn?
  20. What time do most children wake up on a school morning?
  21. What time did you get up in the morning when you were a child in school?
  22. What time do you think a child should go to bed on a school night?
  23. Has your schedule changed from summer to fall?
  24. What is the hardest part about adjusting to a new schedule?
  25. What holidays do people celebrate in autumn?
  26. Why should people save electricity in autumn?
  27. What happy or sad memory do you have about autumn?
  28. Tell your conversation partner what you like about the autumn season and what you don’t like about autumn.
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