Cyber City (Future Simple)

by Victoria Kulbachna

Grammar: Future Simple

Age: teens

Level: Intermediate / Upper intermediate

Imagine you are one of the brightest young engineers and you are going to present your project 'Cyber city'.

Future Simple

Use the following words and expressions:

Computers and phones Computers and phones will be totally modernized:

- wireless computers / laptops, holograms that control different operations, computers with its own defense mechanisms, laptops with interactive function that will allow you to move around different parts of the city;

- ultra-thin phones with voice-sensitive screen which react on your voice, almost invisible phones with keyboard that emerge like a hologram.
Robots and other Machines Robots will become a vital item that save our time and energy:

- Robots teachers that replace humans; Robots Waiters; Highly qualified Robots Chefs that cook tasty dishes, using recipes; Cleaning staff Robots; Robots bodyguards; problem-solving interactive Holograms;

- Programmed Machines that cook different meals, wireless coffee and tea machines, Delivery Machines.
Virtual reality headsets You won’t see any clear distinction between virtuality and reality:

- computer games will become things from the past; modified VR headsets will allow you to shift from place to place in an immediate way, unmistakable design, combined with technical refinement, create an unrepeatable style / highquality, convenient display / menu, quite modern and easy-to-use.
Skyscrapers and bridges

First it was bridges and skyscrapers, now, we are going to create aJoint Mechanism’:
- a complex construction, skyscrapers will be joint by means of open bridges;there will be railways and roads for high speed self-driving buses;

- each skyscraper will have an enormous number of malls, offices, cinemas, cafes and even huge aquariums;

- there will be also aerial cafes with robot staff that serve flying cars.

Means of transportation This will be an era of flying cars and ‘speed monsters’:

- people will be able to move, using any kind of transport; flying cars will solve the problem with traffic jams forever; flying self-driving taxis with programmed routes;
- ultra high-speed trains (speed monsters) will get you anywhere; comfortable / always in time and safe / able to move through the tunnels and on the bridges.
Cyber Police and safety Police are friendly and understanding, but remember they are always for the law:
- cyber police, society-oriented approach, humane and just police, with respect for law;

- permission to use laser guns, laser helmets that allow to monitor the crime scenes, special bullet proofsuits, electronic handcuffs; high-speed police cars with the function of teleportation;

- automated towers with beacons at the top, offices provided with modern laser security systems, access automatic systems that scan your fingerprints.

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