David Copperfield

David Copperfield, the novel by Charles Dickens, is a story of one boy's struggle after losing his parents. David`s father dies when he is young, and his mother remarries. His stepfather, Mr Murdstone, treats David unkindly, and he can only find happiness with the Peggoty family, his nurse`s relatives.

At school, at first he is unhappy but then wins his friends` respect. However, when his mother dies, his stepfather sends him to work in a factory in London, where the other boys make fun of him. David runs away and walks to his aunt`s house in Dover. Here he grows up happily, goes to school and becomes a clerk in a lawyer`s office in London. He falls in love with Dora, his employer`s daughter, and when his aunt`s money is lost in a bad investment, he works writing reports of parliament for the newspapers.

Many parts of the story follow the events of Dicken`s own life.

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