Dictation (Prepositions of Movement)

Grammar: prepositions of movement

Age: kids

Level: pre-intermediate

Dictate the text slowly, each time make a pause for kids to say a correct prepositions. You can ask kids to draw what you say.

It is a great day today. It is sunny and warm. It isn’t cold. It isn’t windy. It isn’t hot. We are walking. We are walking _____ (across) the road. We are walking _____ (under) the bridge. We can see a field. We are walking ________ (through) the flowers. We can see a mouse. It is running. It is running quickly.It is hiding ______ (into) the hole. We are looking _____ (into) the hole. We can’t see the mouse.

We can see the river. It is very beautiful. We are diving _____ (into) the river. The water is warm. The small fish are jumping _____ (over and into) the water. The birds are flying ___ (over) the river.

We are having lunch. We are putting a mat______ (over) the grass. We are putting boxes _____ (on) the mat. We are looking ______ (into) the boxes. There are sandwiches and burgers. There are bananas and apples. There is a bottle of orange juice.

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