by Tatyana Savchyna

Bob is a doctor. He is a surgeon. He likes his job because he likes helping people in trouble. He helps sick people. On the one hand his job is tiring because he works long hours. On the other hand his job is rewarding because he often saves people's lives.

Bob wakes up at six o'clock. Then he does morning exercises in order to keep fit. At half past six he has a shower and shaves. He gets dressed and goes to his study. There he looks through morning papers to learn about news. Then he reads professional literature. At half past seven he has breakfast. He is a vegetarian, that's why his wife doesn't cook meat for breakfast. Then Bob kisses his wife and children and leaves for work. He doesn't catch the train to his work. Bob gets to work by car. His work is far from his home. It is in the other city. It takes Bob half an hour to get to work. When he arrives at work he takes over duty. He examines all the patients to prescribe them different medicines. He is good at making a diagnosis. Every day he performs two or three operations. Sometimes he performs urgent operations. He can operate on children to. Sometimes he saves people's lives in different accidents. His job is demanding and challenging. But he doesn't give injections. His assistant does them for him. When he comes home he is tired. It takes him half an hour to relax. Sometimes his wife isn't satisfied with his job because Bob doesn't spend much time with the family.

At weekends they have picnics in the countryside. For summer and Christmas holidays they travel abroad.

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