Do/Does Questions

House. Household chores:

Do you look after your garden?

Do you often scrub a kitchen floor?

Do you like your neighbours?

Do you live on top floor?

Do you pay bills in time?


Do you wear clothes with pockets/ripped jeans?

Do you ever wear clothes inside out?

Do you often buy new things, clothes?

Do you wear woollen caps/overcoat?

Do you wear glasses?

Do you wear sun glasses?

Do you pick clothes up to your mood?


Do you drive well/fast?

Do shake hands with strangers?

Do you hire boats/cars/apartments?

Do you hire people?

Do you do crossword puzzles?

Do you sleep in total silence?

Do you often make mistakes?

Do you smoke?

Do you often have hangovers?

Do you often have bad nights/ insomnias?

Do you help with house work?

Do you put things in the fridge in time?

Do you read instructions/warnings carefully?

Do you walk a lot?

Do you sing in the bathroom?

Do you play the piano/the guitar/violin?

Do you speak the phone a lot?

Do you ride a motorcycle?

Do you gossip?

Do you read horror stories?

Do you watch horror films?

Do you sell old things?

Do you borrow things?

Do you ring anybody at night?

Do you take photos?

Do you watch black-and-white films?

Do you buy newspapers?

Do you read news online?

Do you live on the top floor?

Do you take drugs?

Do you go for a walk alone?

Do you carry your passport everywhere with you?

Do you always carry a watch?


Do you cook well?

Do you eat fish and chips for lunch?

Do you have diner at restaurants?


Do you advise people what to do?

Do you help others?

Do you respect old people?


Do you believe in superstitions?

Do you go to the church every Sunday?

Charity. Donation. Volunteering:

Do you often volunteer for anything?


Do you work hard?

Do you enjoy your work?

Do you run your business?


Do you often need money?

Do you earn enough?

Do you ever borrow/lend money?


Do you ever stay in hotels?

Do you travel a lot?


Do you regularly visit a dentist?

Do you suffer from claustrophobia?

Do you put a lot of sugar in coffee?

Do you smoke?


Do you climb mountains?

Do you ski well?

Do you skate well?

Do you do morning exercises?

Do you swim well?


Do you speak French?


Do you cheat at exams?

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