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Dangers of being hooked on the telephone games.

Nowadays there are a lot and sometimes unusual addictions. The addiction to the mobile phone is one of the most famous. Often, when we leave phone at home, all day we feel like being helpless! Of course, the phone can be used for the purposes of communication and new information, but without fanaticism.

I think, the present generation can`t imagine that only a few decades ago, there was no such a phone like now. We don`t notice all joys which are around us. Modern teenagers always play different games, which later make them immerse in gaming. This leads to addiction. Parents are trying to find the way to prevent us from being hooked on our gadgets. However, we always find a way how to cheat them.

It seems, the game can harm a child, and even more a society. Today, there are many serious cases caused by the telephone addiction. Many have committed infringing acts, accidents and generally thoughtless action.What is more users’ vision deteriorates, being affected by harmful electromagnetic waves, which entails a disturbed psychological balance.

As you know, the world is going crazy about the game «Pokémon GO». This is a game in which people at the present time are hunting for cartoon characters from the cartoon «Pokémon». Interesting, that this application is used not only by children, but also adults! Playing the game, we don`t even notice how completely immersed in this fictional world. People don`t pay attention to the reality. That sometimes leads to unpleasant cases of being in the illusion of existence.

In conclusion, the telephone is a good thing and we can’t live without it. However, we should not be infatuated with it, remembering about the consequences of abusing the phone.

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