Expressions of Quantity. Special Cases of Subject-Verb Agreement

Expressions of time, money and distance usually describe a measurement of the entire quantity which is thought of as a single entity considered together, not separately.

  1. Ten dollars is a great deal of money to a child.
  2. Ten kilometres is too far to walk.
  3. Six weeks is not long enough.
  4. One hundred pounds is a large sum for her and she decided to put the money on her savings account. 
  5. In total, 10g of tissue was tested.
  6. Five milliliters of solvent was added to the mixture.
  7. Eight hours of sleep is enough.
  8. Ten dollars is too much to pay.
  9. Five thousand miles is too far to travel.
  10. Two weeks is enough time to finish the contract.
  11. Ten dollars is all I have.
  12. Seven pounds is an average weight for a newborn.


A plural verb is appropriate when items should be considered individually.

  1. Ten mice undergo testing.
  2. 10 grams were added.
  3. Five milliliters were taken for analysis.
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