Eye signals



You always look right.

You are creative. You tell something interesting.

You make things up.

You look right and down.

You are not sure about your feelings.

Or you are lying.

You look often left.

You speak from memory.

You look left and down.

You speak to yourself voicelessly.

You look right and up.

You picture things in your mind.

You look left and up.

You think of facts and numbers.

You have direct eye contact.

You tell the truth.

Or you pretend to tell the truth.

You widen your eyes.

You show interest.

You raise your eyebrows.

You show surprise.

You rub your eyes.

You have allergy to something.

Or you are sleepy.

You roll your eyes upwards.

You look to the God for help.

Your pupils are enlarged.

You are in the dark.

Or you are excited.

You often blink.

You do not know what to say.

Or you are bored.

You wink.

You flirt.

Or you share a joke or a secret.

well done, i like it a lot, shall i go oh like this with other body parts' signals, can it be used at lessons somehow, shall i specify methodological items for this?

Сould be useful inside and outside the classroom.