Family Matters

Each one in a group to discuss the questions is to read a question, repeat a question, answer a question.

Family structures. Family relationships.

  1. “Marriage should be a five-year renewable contract, not a life-long commitment”. What do you think of this statement?
  2. A home without children’s laugh is a prison. Do you agree? Why?Siblings. Family relationships.
  3. Approximately one in three marriages in Britain ends in divorce. Do you think it should be more difficult to get married?
  4. Are brothers and sisters always good friends? What sister/brother are you like? How do you get on with your sister/brother?
  5. Are middle children less responsible than oldest ones?
  6. Are middle children often “invisible” because oldest and youngest get all the parents’ attention?
  7. Are second elders more independent of their parents than their brothers and sisters?
  8. Are you a sister (a brother)?
  9. Are you an oldest / a middle / a youngest sister (brother)/ an only child?
  10. Are youngest very often jealous of their older siblings because they have their own money, more new things, they can hang on with their friends late and sleep over at their friends’ places?.
  11. Can you always rely on your sister / brother?
  12. Can you discuss all the possible topics with your sister / brother? How sincere is she / he?
  13. Do you / did you compete with your brother / sister? What is the sibling rivalry?
  14. Do you know the favourite colours of your family members? Do you believe that people’s favourite colours tell us a lot about their personalities?
  15. How can be described a nuclear/traditional family?
  16. How can pets aid childless families?
  17. How important is emotional support in a family?
  18. How is a generation gap revealed in an extended family?
  19. If you don’t have children : who do you most take after your mother or your father? Who do you look like? Who are you more like by character? How much of generations gap is there / was there between you and your parents? Would you want to bring up your children similarly to the way your parents brought you up?
  20. If you were a child again now what would you do differently in your relationships with your siblings?
  21. In what ways do you hope your children’s life will be better than yours?
  22. Is an only child in a family always all alone and has no one to talk to or play with when he or she is at home?
  23. Is an only child in a family more often spoilt because he/she has everything he or she wants and his/her grandparents adore him/her and spoil even more?
  24. Is it easy to get divorced in your country? Are the laws generally appealing to people? Would you like them to be changed?
  25. Should parents raise children until they are able to” feed themselves”? Should adult children live apart from parents?
  26. The average British family stereotypes. What are they like? Compare the British family with the average family from your country.
  27. The reason for divorce is often a man’s wish not to have children. How can this problem be solved?
  28. What are a child’s feelings when he/she has suddenly a sister or a brother and a newborn gets all the attention and you have to pass him/her all your toys and clothes?
  29. What are parents / children responsible for?
  30. What are the advantages of being an oldest child (play with a cute baby / teach her/him things you know / have someone to talk to/ have someone to play with / get new clothes and toys / have fun together etc.
  31. What are the main reasons for the planned childlessness?
  32. What can be a definition of a modern family?
  33. What can be the benefits or drawbacks of hoisting children by grandparents?
  34. What can be the reasons for single parent family structure except the death of either parent?
  35. What do the members of your family have in common?
  36. What does your brother/sister look like? Is she prettier/more handsome than you?
  37. What families could be called the happy (unhappy) ones?
  38. What fosters children to admire their parents?
  39. What is good /bad about being an oldest / a middle / a youngest sister (brother)/ an only child?
  40. What is the best age for having children?
  41. What is the difference between biological or adoptive descendants?
  42. What is the ideal family in your opinion?
  43. What is the most favorable /propitious/auspicious environment for hoisting/raising children in a family?
  44. What is the substantial factor of a firm family?
  45. What makes doing household chores in families easier and more pleasant?.
  46. What parents actions makes upbringing more economic/practical/applied?
  47. What problems do teenage mothers face?
  48. What should a sibling do if he / she feels ignored?
  49. What significant changeshas a family structure undergone for the last time?
  50. What solutions are more acceptable for a childless family to have children? What is your attitude to surrogate motherhood?
  51. Which of your brothers / sisters studies/ studied better at school?
  52. Which qualities do you think are important to have good family relationships?
  53. Who do your children look like? Who do they take after by character? Have you brought up your children similarly to the way your parents brought you up? Are you more / less strict? More / less indulgent/lenient?
  54. Why does a child care become one of the most luxurious things for a single parent?
  55. Why is a wife’s mother always a subject of laughing at, but a husband’s mother is more often the subject of respecting and worshipping?
  56. Will the family remain theinnermostand major social element of future life?

Family matters. Spouses. Relationships.

  1. How can being rude to each other influence spouses’ relationships?
  2. How can one learn to forgive? Why is an ability to forgive the most essential one?
  3. How can patience or impatience result in relationships?
  4. How can spouses ascertain that they are proud of each other?
  5. How can surprises vary family relationships?
  6. In the relationships we receive as much as we can give. Do you agree? Why?
  7. Major decisions about the family are taken together. Do you agree?
  8. To what extent is giving each other space acceptable?
  9. Too many complaints can kill the marriage. Do you agree?
  10. Vows of going through a tough time are meant to support each other in troubles. What happens if the vows are violated?
  11. What can a happy smile and a warm hug do after a tiring working day?
  12. What harm do humiliating words do? Why should they be avoided?
  13. What is hidden can be revealed one day. Why is it advisable not to hide things from your spouse or keep any secrets after marriage?
  14. What might a shower of compliments do especially when your spouse is upset?
  15. What might a spouse feel if his/her ego is hurt especially in front of others?
  16. Why does listening to each other matter?
  17. Why should a partner respect not only each other but each other’s background family members?
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