Films (Situations)

by Vika Shevchuk

Situation 1

You are a famous film director. The last film that you created was the most successful. You are giving an interview. Tell about original ideas that you used in your film. Share your experience with those who want to become directors in the future. Describe the plot of your film.

Situation 2 (2 students)

You are a screenwriter and a film director. You’re arguing at the moment. The film director has already chosen a group of actors who will star in the film. But the screenwriter finds some actors not talented and he/she feels that they won’t cope with their tasks. Try to reach a compromise.

Situation 3

You’re a film expert. You know everything in this sphere. You’re on the conference which is called “Films of our future”. Tell how films will change in the future, which types of films will be interesting for people. Tell how film industry has changed

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