Food (Situations)

by Maryna Denega

Task 1

a) You are at the supermarket shopping for food. Write down a list of products you need to buy and how much of each product do you need. As you already seem to be ready to pay, you realize that you have left your purse/wallet at home. Describe the situation come up with an appropriate solution. Work with a partner, create a dialogue.

b) You at the supermarket with your friend. She/he has forgotten their money at home. Suggest some ways out of this situation.

Task 2

a) You are living in England for a period of time. You have invited the friend from home, which you haven’t seen for a long while to come and visit you. You have a doctor appointment and you cannot join him/her for lunch.Your friend asks you to advice them some places where they can eat. Find out about your friend’s food preferences and then make some suggestions.

b) You have arrived to England for a few days. Your friend cannot go to a lunch with you because of the scheduled doctor’s appointment. Ask your friend where you eat, tell him/her what do you want to eat for lunch.

Task 3

a) You need to make an advertisement for the eating place in Khmelnitsky. Tell about the name of the place, where is it located, best offers, service, etc. Include the recommendations from other visitors in your advertising.

b) You are one of the frequent visitors to one of the cafes. You have agreed to say something for an advertisement of the place. Think about some things you are going to say.

Task 4

a) You are a well known traveler. You are coming to the UK to report some differences and similarities between an eating out experience in Britain and Ukraine. You have asked for an interview with a favoured food expert. Write down some questions you are going to ask him/her.

b) You are a famous food expert. You are being invited for an interview by aUkrainian travel journalist.What are some interesting things you can tell him/her?

Task 5

a) You are a famous food blogger and have recently been to the U.K. on holiday. Write entries for your subscribers in which tell them of your experience with the British eateries.

b) You are a reader of a famous food blogger. You have read one of his/her recent stories about a UK place to eat. Leave a comment for the post in which react to the information/ tell about you own experience in the UK and ask the author your questions.


  1. What eating venues do you like to visit?
  2. What are some important things that make you visit the venue?
  3. What are some of the important things to make an eating venue successful?
  4. Do you often meet up your friends at the eating venue?
  5. Who do you usually go to the eating venue with?
  6. What is your favourite homemade dish?
  7. How often do you eat something homemade?
  8. Are you obsessed with pastry?
  9. What food are you most obsessed with?
  10. Do you like to buy pastry as a snack?
  11. Do you like your school canteen’s pastry?
  12. Is homemade pastry more delicious for you that the one from a supermarket?
  13. What dairy products do you most like?
  14. What dairy products do you most dislike?
  15. What benefits do dairy products have?
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