Foods: To Be Present Forms

by Maryna Denega

Level: A2


Monterey Jack. This cheese is from California. It is popular in different countries. It is mild. It is soft. 

Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese is from Switzerland. It is medium hard. Swiss cheese is full of holes. Holes in this cheese are from bacteria. Swiss cheese is full of Calcium. It is rich in vitamin B12. It is savor. It is salty. It is very healthy. 

Feta. Feta cheese is from Greece. It is good for salads. It is good for pies too. It is firm in taste. It is soft. It is creamy. It is rich in Zinc. 

Brie. Brie cheese is from France. It is soft too. It is not aged. It is full of protein. It is a breakfast food in France. 

Cheddar.It is mild or extra sharp. A different name for extra sharp cheddar is New York style cheddar. It is good for pies.

Parmesan. Parmesan cheese is from Italy. It is aged for three years. Parmesan is hard. It is granular. It is the king of cheeses. It is often grated. It is good for pasta. It is good for soups.

Mozzarella. Mozzarella cheese is the most popular cheese in the world. It is from Italy too. It is nice for pizzas. Mozzarella is soft.

Street Foods

Tacos and tostadas. Tacos and tostadas are from Mexico. They are filled tortillas. The tortillas are hard or soft. Hard tortillas are folded. Soft tortillas are rolled. Tostadas. Tostadas are fried. Tostadas are round. They are flat. They are filled with different foods.

Souvlaki and pita bread. This street food is from Greece. Souvlaki is meat. It is grilled. Pita is Greek bread. It is wheat. It is flat.

Currywurst. Currywurst is from Germany. It is a pork sausage. It is steamed. It is a popular street food.



1. Which cheese(s) is/are…

  • Mild?
  • Soft?
  • Full of holes?
  • Medium hard?
  • Hard?
  • Savor?
  • Creamy?
  • Good with pies?
  • Nice with salads?
  • A breakfast food?
  • Not aged?
  • Good with soups?
  • Very healthy?
  • Often grated?
  • Granular?
  • The world’s most popular cheese?
  • Good with pasta?
  • Rich in Calcium?
  • Full of protein?
  • Salty?

2. Complete the sentences:

Divide students into groups. Read out the beginnings of sentences. Let groups write endings. Students don’t use texts. The group with the most sentences wins.

  • Monterey Jack is…
  • Feta is…
  • Brie is…
  • Cheddar is…
  • Parmesan is…
  • Mozzarella is…

3. Find country names in the text. Give each cheese a ‘nationality’:

e.g.: Brie cheese is from France. – It is French.

4. Find food adjectives in the text. Think about foods for these adjectives:

e.g.: creamy – sour cream, butter, etc.

Street foods:

5. Answer the questions:

e.g.: Are tacos and tostadas from Germany?

No, they are not. Tacos and tostadas are not from Germany. They are from Mexico.

  1. Are tostadas steamed?
  2. Is pita bread from Mexico?
  3. Is pita bread round?
  4. Is pita bread from Germany?
  5. Is Souvlaki bread?
  6. Is Souvlaki fried?
  7. Is Currywurst bread?
  8. Is Currywurst steamed?
  9. Is Currywurst from Greece?

6. Make out questions. (There are answers given. Students should make questions.)

  1. No. Pita bread is not from Germany. It is from Greece.
  2. No, Souvlaki is not bread. It is meat.
  3. No. Currywurst is steamed.
  4. No. Tostadas are from Mexico.
  5. No. Pita is bread.
  6. No. Currywurst is from Germany.
  7. No. Souvlaki is from Greece.

7. Fill in the table. Use the words from the texts about cheeses and street foods:

Foods Countries Cooking methods Texture/Taste/Shape
--- --- --- ---
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