Go to the Pub

For company and conversation the English go to the pub.

The cafes in England sell only coffee, tea and soft drinks. You go to a cafe for a meal or for a

quick cup of tea, but not to sit and watch the world go by. When you want to relax after a day's work, you go to the local pub.

Everybody goes there, except children, who are not allowed in.

If you go to the bar you may find every kind of person; doctors, schoolmasters, workmen. They all go there to talk andto drink usual drink.

Most pubs, in fact, have a piano and on Saturday night the customers may well gather round it and sing.

The songs they sing are the same all over England.

The pub is often the only place where men may meet each other after work.

Even in large cities each public house has its own regular customers who go there every night.

And although they see each other almost every night for years, the regulars who meet there will never go into each other's homes.

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