Little girl Daisy is visiting her grandma in the village. Her granny has got a lot of farm animals. They are walking behind the house and eating the green grass. Daisy likes farm creatures very much.

‘Granny, granny,’ calls Daisy. ‘What are they? They are small and fluffy. They are yellow and funny. They have got a very small body, a small head, small eyes, two short legs and wings. They are walking around the big hen. The hen is clucking, they are cheeping. But they can’t fly,’ asks Daisy.

‘They are small chickens,’ answers grandma. ‘They are hen’s babies. The chickens come out of the eggs,’ explains granny.

‘Granny, granny,’ calls she again. ‘What are they? They aren’t small, they aren’t big. They are white and gray. They have got an oval body, a funny head, two pointed ears, big eyes and a wide mouth. They have got four legs and a short moving tail. They are eating the grass and jumping. They are talking, but I can’t understand them,’ says Daisy.

‘What do they say?’ asks grandma.

Naa, naa, naa… It’s very funny!’ says the girl.

‘They are goats. They give us milk,’ answers grandma.

‘Granny, granny,’ calls Daisy wonderingly. ‘I can see the biggest goat ever. But it isn’t yours. It speaks a foreign language. Your goats can’t understand this big goat. They say naa, naa, naa…It says moo, moo, moo…’ says the granddaughter seriously.

1. Answer these questions

a) What does the hen say?

b) What does the small chicken say?

c) What do the goats say?

d) What does the foreigner say?

e) Where do chickens come out from?

f) What do the goats give us?

g) What animal is a foreigner?

2. Write this riddle, put down the words from the story in gaps and guess

It is an a_______________. It is a b_______ animal. It has got a big h____________. It has got two pointed e________. It has got two big e___________. It has got a w____________ m______________. It has got a big oval b______________. It has got four l____________. It has got a long t____________. It can run, jump and swim. It can eat the green g_________________. It can say m______.

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