Friends TV Show

by Yulia Hrytsyna

Grammar: Present Continuous

Age: kids

You have probably heard about one of the most popular television sitcom of all times "Friends". In one of the episodes friends prepare surprise party for Rachel.

Imagine that you are Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Chandler; each of you is in charge of something. 

Ross should buy a gift, Monika should bake a delicious cake, Chandler and Joey should decorate the apartment, and Phoebe should take care of all guests.Tell us step by step what you are doing to contribute into the celebration.


About what gift are you thinking of?
What shops are you visiting to buy a gift?
What is good/bad gift on your mind?

Possible gifts:
perfume, dress, jewelry box, ring, necklace, earrings, nice bag, teddy bear, pillow with your photo, assorted cake truffles, watch, purse, photo frame, set of glasses, 101 rose, dinner for two in restaurant, mobile phone, iPad, slippers, shower gift basket, a marble notebook, leather gloves.

Useful verbs:
to look for, to choose, to smell, to put on, to order, to prepare, to exchange.

What are you cooking?
What are you doing in order to cook a cake?
Describe step by step.

flour, water, eggs, milk, dough (rich, unleavened), chocolate (milk, black, nut), fondant, butter, vanilla bean paste, baking powder, rainbow sprinkles, sour cream, honey, corn flour, vanilla extract, raisins, prunes, nuts, fruit.

Useful verbs:
to mix, to add, to grow cold, to spread, to sprinkle, to whip, to simmer, to heat, to pour, to stir, to bake, to grease, to soak in.
Joey and Chandler

What have you got to decorate an apartment?
What are you doing to make a real birthday atmosphere?

birthday fun dessert plates, paper cups and forks, tablecloth, pile of napkins, glasses, paper straws, candy sticks and lollypops, birthday bubble bottles, flying disks, paper lanterns, balloons, birthday fun garland, party hats, petards.

What are you doing when the guests start arriving?
How do you entertain guests during the party?
What competitions do you have?
What are guests doing during these competitions?
What are they doing inside the apartment?
What are they doing outside on the balcony or on the roof?

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