​From the History of the Bicycle

A man first tried to make a bicycle in 1769. Newspapers wrote about an interesting vehicle which moved without horses. But the vehicle was not a real bicycle. It had four wheels. It was moved by a man who was standing in the vehicle itself. The man pushed himself from the ground with the help of his feet. The vehicle was called a quadricycle ['kwodriysaikl]. People used them for thirty years.

Then a Frenchman made a bicycle which had two wheels. The wheels were joined by a wooden bar. This meant that a rider had to get off and lift his bicycle when he wanted to turn. It was very uncomfortable.

Then another Frenchman made a bicycle which could turn to the left and to the right with the help of its front wheel. The wheels were made of wood.

In 1818 these bicycles came to England and soon became very popular. But still a man pushed himself from the ground like on a quadricycle.

The modern bicycle was invented later. A bicycle plays a very important role in the history of transport. We can call a bicycle the “father” of modern cars.

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