Future Continuous


Situations which will happen in the future in the normal course of events.

Situations in progress at a certain time in the future.

Habits or repeated actions at a point in the future.

Actions lasting a period of time in the future.

Seeking a favor of someone by asking about their plans.

Active forms only

Subject + shall/will + be + Ving.

Shall/will + subject + be + Ving?

Subject + shall/will + not + be + Ving.

Time expressions

at… o’clock tomorrow

from… till/to … tomorrow

this time next week/year/etc.

2 days from now, when…


Match the meanings to the examples:

This time next month I will be sunbathing on the beach.

When you arrive I will probably be weeding my flowerbeds.

When we reach the destination it very likely will be raining.

I'll call for her at eight. No, don't; she will still be having a shower then.

When you next see me I shall be wearing glasses.

I'll give Tom your message. I can do it easily because I shall be seeing him tomorrow. We go to work on the same bus.

Do not leave, they will be changing the guard in a minute and you'll take a good photo.

You'd better go back now; your parents will be worrying.

In fifty years' time we shall be living entirely on pills.

When we get home, the children will already be sleeping.

Will you be passing by the bank office on your way to work?

Future Simple

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