Tense Exercise




This time next month I ____________ (sit) on a beach.

This time next month I WILL BE SITTING on a beach.

1. When you arrive I ____________ (pick) fruit.

2. When we reach England it ____________ (rain).

3. In a few days time we (fly____________ over the sea.

4. I'll call for her at eight. ~ No, don't; she still ____________ (have) breakfast then.

5. I ____________ (wait) for you when you come out.

6. When you next see me I ____________ (wear) my new dress.

7. My son will be in the sixth form next year. ~ That means that old Dr Adder ____________ (teach) him mathematics.

8. I’ll give Jack your message. I can do it easily because I ____________ (see) him tomorrow. We go to work on the same train.

9. You ____________ (do) geometry next term.

10. I’ll look out for you at the parade. ~ Do, but I ____________ (wear) uniform so you may find it hard to recognize me.

11. We have to do night duty here. I ____________ (do) mine next week.

12. In a hundred years' time people ____________ (go) to Mars for their holidays.

13. He ____________ (use) the car this afternoon.

14. I ____________ (see) you again.

15. It’s a serious injury but he ____________ (walk) again in six weeks.

16. I’ll come at three o'clock. ~ Good, I ____________ (expect) you.

17. They are pulling down all the old houses in this street. I expect they ____________ (pull) down mine in a few years' time.

18. I’d like to see your new flat. ~ Well, come tomorrow, but it ____________ (not look) its best, for the painters still ____________ (work) on it.

19. Stand there, they ____________ (change) the guard in a minute and you'll get a good view.

20. You’d better go back now; your mother ____________ (wonder) where you are.

21. In fifty years' time we ____________ (live) entirely on pills.

22. What do you think the children ____________ (do) when we get home? ~ I expect they (have) their supper.

23. The garden ____________ (look) its best next month.

24. It won't be easy to get out of the country. The police ____________ (watch) all the ports.

25. What the tide (do) at six tomorrow morning? ~ It ____________ (come) in.

26. I’ve just remembered that I left the bathroom taps on. I expect the water ____________ (flow) down the stairs by now.

27. You ____________ (need) your camera tomorrow or can I borrow it?

28. We’ve just got to the top in time. The sun ____________ (rise) in a minute.

29. Air hostess: We ____________ (take off) in a few minutes. Please fasten your safety belts.

30. We’d better go out tomorrow because Mary ____________ (practise) the piano all day.

31. Don’t ring her up at 6.00; she ____________ (put) the children to bed. Ring later.

32. We are making a house-to-house collection of things for the jumble sale. We ____________ (come) to your house next week.

33. That football club has lost some of its players. They ____________ (look out) for new men.

34. When I get home my dog ____________ (sit) at the door waiting for me.

35. Let’s go down to the harbour; the fishing boats all ____________ (come) in because of the gale. 

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