Future Predictions

by Olena Chala

Grammar: Future Simple

Age: teens / kids 

Level: intermediate

Imagine speaking with the guest from the future. This guest knows what you will do and how you will look like in the future. Ask about:

your appearance What will I look like in the future?
Will I be plump?
Will I have long or short hair?
Will I wear fashionable clothes? etc.
Your personality What will I be like in the future?
quiet, kind, talented, clever, creative, moody, calm, sociable, lively, cheerful, polite, shy, talkative, excited, bored, surprised, scared, angry, worried, nervous, upset, strong, wise, curious, mean, greedy, Generous, rude, cruel, honest, dishonest, tired, proud...
your family big, small, rich, famous, ordinary, multinational, husband (wife), children, husband’s (wife’s) job, have a celebrity in the.my family...
your children son, daughter, twins, triplets...
your habits play video games, believe in Santa, to be crazy about music, to be good at singing( dancing, cooking, sports, making money, making friends etc.) to be crazy about work (fashion, family, children etc.) , smoke, drink alcohol, eat junk food, spend time with children, arrive late at work, bite nails, punish own children, look after old parents, fall in love, to be worried about the future etc.
your house kind of house (houseboat, cottage, detached, penthouse, palace, studio, flat, bungalow etc.), where (place, country), large, expensive, luxurious, compact, rooms, garage, swimming pool, garden, flowerbed etc.
your car kind of car (BMW, Jaguar, Ferrari, Mazda, Mercedes etc.) colour,
How many…, expensive,modern, old, flying, electrical, environmentally friendly.
your education study in/at (academy, school, university, college) subjects…
your occupation (job) have own business, kind of job, boring, interesting, post (businessman, businesswoman, headmaster, teacher, dentist, nurse, babysitter, cartoonist, film director, film maker, singer, dancer, etc(.
your salary high, low, salary...
How much money… have?
How much money... spend every day (week, month)?
no money
your hobby reading, dancing, playing sports, singing, making toys, cooking, using mobile phone, traveling, diving, driving sports cars, etc.
your pets unusual pets (tarantula, lizard, jaguar, hedgehog, horse, crocodile etc.) pets,
fashion (clothes) in the future popular kind of clothes for boys and girls, colours, winter clothes, spring clothes, summer clothes, autumn clothes etc.
food in the future usual food, tablets, pills, drinks, bubble gum, cook or not cook, organic food, synthetic food, the most popular dishes etc.
hairstyle Long, short, shoulder-length, curly, straight, wavy, colourful.
homes / buildings the most popular types of homes.
Where… be located ( planets, cities, towns, villages), expansive, cheap, small, large, high...
holidays usual holidays, unusual holidays, the most popular kinds of holidays,other planets and galaxies...
music the most popular( pop, rock, folk, jazz, classical, opera, dance, hip hop, rock’n’roll, reggae etc.) popular singers, popular bands etc, intergalactic music show.Interplanetary music show etc.
sport the most popular sport, sportsmen, kinds of unpopular sport,the most interesting intergalactic sports, the most popular interplanetary sports...
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