Difference: Gaze - Glare - Glance - Peep - Stare


Gaze - a steady intent look especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.

  1. She was standing on the balcony gazing out at the sunset.
  2. He could gaze at her face all day long, so in love that he could hardly take his eyes off of her.
  3. The doting young mother would gaze into her baby’s eyes all day long.
  4. The drill sergeant’s steel gaze scared almost everyone he set his eyes upon.
  5. When window shopping, I usually gaze at the shoes and purses in the store window for at least half an hour.


Glare - a fierce angry unfriendly stare.

  1. When myhusband angrily glared at me it was my first clue that he was really upset about something.
  2. Even though I was surprised when my boss was glaring sternly at me, I tried to avoid her stare and continue working.
  3. The frenemies continued to stare at each other at the lunch table, both refusing to give up glaring.
  4. He didn't shout, he just glared at me silently.
  5. Glaring at him the old woman got even more irrupted.


Glance - a quick look.

  1. As she glanced down the list, she saw that she had left out a name.
  2. Glancing at the clock she saw that she was late.
  3. I never even glance at the political page of a daily paper.
  4. The child glanced at his mother to see if she was watching him as he took another cookie.
  5. Glancing over at his girlfriend, he smiled at her.


Peep - a quick and furtive look.

  1. His door was ajar and she couldn't resist peeping in.
  2. She was tempted to peep at the letter.
  3. Peeping inside the treasure chest the child was disappointed.
  4. To see if he was asleep in his crib, the infant’s mother peeped now and then at the baby monitor.
  5. Peep inside the freezer to see if we have any chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream left.


Stare - a long fixed look at someone or something with one's eyes wide open.

  1. The unhappy student stared at the test as he had studied the wrong material.
  2. The man stared at the woman until she turned away in embarrassment.
  3. Their teenage daughter is always afraid that people are staring at her, and laughing at her clothing or hair.
  4. The secretary stared at her computer screen, wondering what to do next.
  5. The children sat and stared at the television for an hour.

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