What is Gemini like?

by Yulia Hrytsyna

Gemini are often slender, tall or of medium height and they have distinctive face features. The movements of this sign of zodiac are fast, and in general they are very lively.

The sign of Gemini is considered to be very changeable. They quickly get tired of routine work, and they are always in search of something new. The Gemini often change the job, friends, apartments and their preferences in clothes. They talk very quickly to tell as much information as possible in a very short period time. Started reading a book, they open the last page in order to find out, what happens in the end.

Representatives of this sign have exceptionally sharp intelligence and excellent sense of humour. Except this the Gemini are very tactful and exquisite. They have good-manners and uncommon charm. However, unfortunately, the Gemini don’t have patience and persistence at all. They have a very developed imagination, they like using exaggerations to make their stories more interesting.

The Gemini change their mood very quickly and it sometimes has a great influence on their decisions and actions. They always regret about bad behaviour towards others.

They can’t concentrate their powers on one business and often spend them in vain, trying to do everything at once.


Gemini-man is a box of different ideas; a lot of them are worth of consideration. He is livelong searcher; all his life he strives to something new.

The friendship with Gemini-man helps you with spiritual development. Although representatives of this sign are short-tempered, they are not aggressive. The Gemini-man, as a rule, gets married several times. He can be an excellent lawyer, banker and diplomat, thanks to his sharp intelligence. But he always needs care, love and tenderness.


Gemini-woman is that type of woman that is called “a special woman”. She is intelligent and witty, funny and charming. Being excellent companion, she can speak about everything, showing a great interest in topic.

Gemini-woman likes adventures and risks. She is a great housewife and real friend for her husband.

So far as Gemini are very sociable, sensitive and can adjust easily, they achieve understanding with representatives of all twelve signs of zodiac.

  1. Have you got a friend or a relative Gemini?
  2. What are the negative characteristics of this sign?
  3. Are Gemini good at friendship? Are they reliable, calm and sensible?
  4. Are Gemini altruistic people?
  5. What signs are good for Gemini in relationships?
  6. Do you think that Gemini are impatient and short-tempered?
  7. Do Gemini like responsibilities or they are free spirits?
  8. Can Gemini-woman create a strong family with Gemini-man?
  9. Have you ever been in conflict with Gemini?
  10. Have you ever been offended by the Gemini?
  11. Have you ever suffered from Gemini’s short-temper?
  12. Have you ever fallen in love with the representatives of this sign? What attracts you the most?
  13. Will you marry Gemini-man/ Gemini-woman, knowing about all bad traits of their character?

Descriptive ideas

What are the best and the worst jobs for the Gemini? Why?

Your mother-in-law is Gemini. What are your steps to get on well with her?


Counselling. You have a girlfriend, whose sign is Gemini and you want to propose her. Imagine that you come to the astrologist to get know what wife she’ll be, and what stars tell about her.

Complaining and persuasion. Your best friend is Gemini. And she/he constantly talks about her/his drawbacks. Try to convince her/him that there are also a lot of advantages in her/his personality.

Agreeing and disagreeing. Both of you have wives /husbands, who are Gemini. What traits of character are annoying you, and what you find cute and good?

Controversial ideas

Someone tells that, it’s great to be Gemini. They are all-arounders. But someone thinks that it isn’t so good and criticises Gemini’s personality.

You get a promotion, but you aren’t sure that you will manage to do everything right for this position. You are Gemini you have two voices in your mind. What are they telling you.

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