Get about. Drills and Examples

Phrasal verb



get about

go to different places and visit different


двигаться, добираться в разные места

get about

become well known

распространиться, становиться известным

get about

the way to go from one place to another

добраться из одного места в другое

get about

have personal or sexual relationships with many people

иметь отношения то с тем, то с другим


Stories have been getting about concerning the government's secret intentions.

So you're getting about a bit again? Why not stay alone for a while?

When he went out of town on business, his wife, a friend, or an associate helped him to get about.

How did the rumours get about?

The story had soon got about that he had been suspended.

I have been getting about a lot with my job for the last years I have visited eleven countries.

It didn't take long for the news to get about - everyone's talking about it.

She can't get aboutmuch, as she is in her eighties.

She gets about a bit; she's always with some new guy.


Answer the following questions:

  1. Are there any funny stories, rumours, bador good news getting about in your street / school / area?
  2. Which do you prefer: to get about a lot or stay in the same place for a long?
  3. How can getting about be tiring?
  4. What is done for senior citizens to get about easier?
  5. Do you condemn those who get about a lot changing partners likesocks?

Make up similar newspaper articles' headlines and say what they might be about:

  1. What are the pros and cons of getting about the world.
  2. What might be the pros and consof getting about the countries alone?
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