Get across. Drills and Examples

Phrasal Verb



get across something to somebody

communicate clearly and successfully

донести информацию до кого-то

get across something

go from one side to the other

добираться через / сквозь что-то по пересеченной местности

get something/somebody across something

move something from one side to the other

перемещать что-то / кого-то по пересеченной местности


My point of view is not getting across to you.

I will try to get my message across in a few words.

I could not speak the language but I managed to get my ideas across.

He is not very good at getting his ideas across.

I am sure you will get our innovative ideas across at the meeting.

It's impossible to get across the road with all this traffic.

How are we going to get these bags across the river?

I spoke slowly but my meaning didn't get across.

I hope I 'm getting this across to you in a way you can understand it.


Answer the following questions:

  1. What makes it difficult to get ideas across to somebody?
  2. How much does it annoy you when you can not get your ideas across to somebody?
  3. People of which professions have to master the skills of getting their meanings across?
  4. How patient are you to perceive something being poorly got across?
  5. Have you ever tried to get across the heavily congested road? What are the hazards of getting across the road with heavy traffic and with no traffic lights?

Make up similar newspaper articles' headlines and say what they might be about:

  1. A very narrow escape while getting across the road.
  2. Tips on developing the skills to get your ideas across.
  3. How not to lose your temper if your ideas do not get across.
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