​Habits. Grammar Conversational Worksheet

Open the brackets and answer the questions:

  1. You (to bite) your nails? When you (to bite) your nails? Your nails (to be) always clean?
  2. What you (to wear) in bed? You (to make) your bed every morning? Your bedding always clean?
  3. You ever (to eat) at night? Why you (to eat) at night? You (to be) on a diet?
  4. You ever (to smoke) or (to drink) alcohol? When you (to smoke) or (to drink) alcohol? You (to be) addicted to anything?
  5. You ever (to speak) loudly on the telephone on the public transport? You (to be) a shy person?
  6. You (to spit) in the street? You (to be) always polite and well mannered?
  7. You (to throw) rubbish through a window in a car? You (to be) ashamed of that?
  8. How often you (to be) late? You (to be) punctual?
  9. You (to snore)? You (to be) worried about it?
  10. How often you (to interrupt) people when they (to speak)? You (to be) impatient?
  11. You (to walk) every day? You (to be) lazy?
  12. You ever (to stretch) in the morning? Which you (to be) an early bird or a night owl?
  13. How often you (to swim/ dance/jog/do exercises)? You (to be) sporty?
  14. How often you (to park) your car in a “No Parking” place?
  15. You ever (to take) stairs instead of a lift? You (to be) fit?
  16. How much water you (to drink) every day? You (to be) thirsty now?
  17. How often you (to eat) a day? You ever (to snack) on anything unhealthy? You (to be) the one with a sweet tooth?
  18. You (to swear)? You (to be) short-tempered?
  19. You (to save) money? You (to waste) money? You (to be) a spendthrift?
  20. How you (to relax)? You (to be) a workaholic?
  21. You regularly (to wash your hair, floss teeth, shave, put on lotion, etc.)? You (to be) tidy?
  22. You always (to thank) people? You (to be) thankful?
  23. You always (to forgive) people? You (to be) unforgiving?
  24. You (to wash) your hands every time you use the restroom, handle raw meats, pet a strange animal, or cough/sneeze? You (to be) health conscious?
  25. You often (to surprise) your friends and relatives? You (to be) creative?
  26. You often judge people? You (to be) a gossip?
  27. You (to twirl) your hair? You (to be) nervous?
  28. How much time you (to spend) on the coach? You (to be) a coach potato?
  29. You want (to kick) your bad habits? You (to be) a winner?
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