It is Friday afternoon. Three sisters are bored. They are alone at home! The oldest is Jane. She is seven years old. The middle sister is Vivian. She is five. And the smallest one is Bess, she is just three.

‘Let’s play with dolls,’ offers the smallest sister.

‘No! It isn’t interesting,’ says the oldest one.

‘Let’s play fishing,’ offers the middle sister.

‘But we haven’t got any fishing rods and fish,’ notices Jane.

They are thinking over.

At this moment Jane exclaims:

‘I know! Let’s play a hairdresser. I am a master. You are my clients.

‘Wow! It is a perfect idea,’ agree the sisters together.

‘I am ready. I have got scissors. Who is the first?’ asks Jane.

Vivian is sitting on the chair says: ’I am.’

Jane is cutting her nice, long hair. Now it is very short from the right side!

‘Next,’ says Jane.

Bess is the next. Jane is cutting her bushy long hair too. It is very short but from the left side.

‘I am tired,’ says Jane. ‘Let’s have a rest.’

It is 7 o’clock in the evening. Their mother returns home. Mum is shocked. She is looking at her daughters and asks:

‘Who are you? Where are my daughters? Where are Vivian and Bess? I don’t recognize them!’

‘Here they are! They have a complete makeover and look extremely fashionable now,’ answers Jane.

Answer these questions

a) How many sisters are there in the family?

b) Who is the oldest?

c) Who is the smallest?

d) What is Vivian?

e) What are they discussing?

f) Why can’t they play fishing?

g) Who has got a perfect idea?

h) What is Jane using to cut hair?

i) Whose hair is she cutting from the right side?

j) Whose hair is she cutting from the left side?

k) Who returns home at 7 o’clock?

l) Who can’t recognize the girls? Why?

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