​Happy Shirt

There lives a king. The king is rich and powerful. He has every thing that he wants. He has a lot of gold. He has a lot of silver. He has a lot of servants. He has a lot of clothes. He has a lot of delicious foods. 

The king is strong and famous. But the king is not happy. So, the king goes to a wise old man. The old man says, “Happiness is a very rare thing in this world. Find a happy man and put on his shirt.” The king looks for a happy man. 

His minister is not happy. He has a lot of enemies. The enemies envy him. The enemies fight for his post. 

A merchant is not happy. The merchant can not sleep well. The merchant worries about his gold, because pirates can steal it. 

The king visits many cities. The king meets many people: writers, professors, actors, doctors, but they are all not happy.

One day he meets a poor man. The poor man smiles. The poor man has a happy look on his face. 

“My good man, are you happy?” asks the king.

“I am very happy,” says the poor man.

“Well, sell me your shirt.”

“My shirt?,” says the poor man in surprise, “I haven’t got a shirt.”

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